Graphic Design Internship

What to Expect in Your Internship

People make assumptions that an internship is an employer’s way of getting “free labor” out of unknowing prospective graphic designers.  Some graphic design interns do work that can be very essential to the company’s well-being.  Other graphic design interns stay stuck in the mail room.  It all depends on where you are working. 

Anticipate Starting at the Bottom

Do not expect to be running the company by the first week of your graphic design internship.  You will have to understand that you are a beginner in graphic design and your boss is not going to give you an important task to handle right away.  You are going to spend a lot of time in the mailroom no matter where you decide to intern in the beginning. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you are not getting real responsibility at the graphic design internship, don’t be afraid to ask for a more demanding task.  Remember to be respectful and don’t overstep your boundaries with the authority.  Graphic design internships are to enhance your skills as a graphic designer.  So you have a right to do so. 

Your Internship Should Educate You

You are expected to learn much about graphic design in your internship.  It is the first chance to see how your classroom training in graphic design applies to the real world of graphic designers.  Be sure to keep an open mind and learn about fields in graphic design that you probably never heard of before.  An internship doesn’t have to be the end-all of your career.  The point of an internship is to test the waters and to make sure that graphic design is right for you.  Some graphic design interns have made switches to photography.  Others have even realized that graphic design isn’t for them at all.

Expect To Make Contacts

Make sure that you develop relationships with as many people as possible in graphic design.  It’s always good to network and an internship can provide you with excellent sources for a successful career in graphic design.